Green tea | Health Benefits of Green tea

The health benefits of green tea?

Green tea | Health Benefits of Green tea | Green tea with lemon
Health Benefits of Green tea 

A cup of tea or coffee is a must for us Malayalees, who are often seen in the countryside telling stories while having a cup of tea with a nut cake or a peanut cake. Many people start their day with a cup of steaming coffee or tea. But do you know about green tea other than these two?

Did you know that a cup of green tea has a ton of benefits?

Like all other non-herbal teas, green tea is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. It's a great idea to switch to green tea, or at least include green tea in your daily routine. That cup of tea has many positive benefits, including fat-reducing properties and the ability to improve brain function.

Green tea contains a lot of flavonoids, which are plant-based antioxidant chemicals. Green tea is less oxidized when processed, which is why it is said to be the most beneficial. Caffeine, a type of alkaloid, has stimulant effects on the nervous system Amino acids like L-theanine can help increase mental focus. Unlike other types of tea, green tea contains high levels of catechins, a compound that contains fluoride, a mineral that helps strengthen tooth enamel.

Green tea can be part of a healthy weight loss diet

Green tea can be part of a healthy weight loss diet. Because it help to burn belly fat. That is, the caffeine in green tea can help suppress appetite and speed up calorie burning through a process called thermogenesis. Also, drinking too much caffeine can make you sleepy and affect your sleep. If you are sensitive to the amount of caffeine in coffee, try green tea instead. It also contains caffeine but very less than coffee.

Green tea with lemon is the best way to boost the immune system.

Adding a little lemon juice while drinking green tea. Green tea contains antioxidants in the form of flavonoids. And lemon. When these two are combined, the benefit doubles. Adding lemon juice to green tea helps in boosting the immune system and relieving stomach problems. The green tea-lemon combination is very good for lowering cholesterol and triglycerides. Green tea and lemon are good sources of fat and fat. When combined with vitamin C and antioxidants, the benefits are doubled.

Lemon is citrus acid but also helps to cool and alkaline the stomach. That is, the caffeine in green tea is good for adding lemon to prevent stomach acidity. Do not drink green tea on an empty stomach for any reason. Caffeine in it can cause dehydration. It produces gastric acid in the stomach and causes stomach problems. There is also a risk of ulcers. Similarly, drinking green tea with food is not good. This can affect the body's ability to absorb vitamin B1 and cause beriberi.

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Green tea lowers cholesterol

Excess cholesterol can lead to cardiovascular disease. Green tea is good for controlling cholesterol in the body and reducing the risk of heart attack. It can reduce the total cholesterol level in the body by five to six points and also reduce the bad LDL threshold.

Green tea is helps to get a Good skin

In addition to protecting the skin, green tea can help prevent skin cancer. In addition, green tea is good for removing acne and preventing the skin from sagging and aging.

Green tea helps to Solves physical and mental problems

The World Health Organization estimates that 450 million people worldwide suffer from stress. The polyphenols contained in green tea reduce stress. Moreover, it stimulates the mind. The various antioxidants it contains can calm the mind and create a very positive mood.

Green tea helps to Boosts the immune system

The polyphenols and flavonoids in green tea boost your immune system. The cytoconstrictors contained in it work against microorganisms.

The cold will go away

The polyphenols contained in green tea act as a good anti-bacterial. This will fight the bacteria that cause leaf blight. If you add a little honey before drinking green, it is perfect to get rid of the disease.

Green tea helps to Detoxifies the body

Green tea stimulates all the toxins in your body so that none of the toxins get into your body. It is a remedy for all liver related ailments by cleansing the liver. Green tea is very helpful in removing dirt from all the organs of the body.

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pay attention

Green tea is not a cure for cancer, diabetes or heart disease. Drinking green tea alone will not cure any disease. Instead it works as a supplement with other foods. That is how health is protected. It is useless to think that you can control your health by sucking up everything you see in your eyes and drinking green. When starting to drink green tea as part of health care, you need to pay more attention to other foods and exercise habits. Green tea can be made into a habit along with vegetables, fruits and other grains.

When and how to drink green tea

If you drink green tea at the right time, it will do more harm than good. Many times there are people who drink green tea. But the general question that arises is when and how to drink green tea to get all these health benefits.If you want to get all the benefits of green tea, you need to drink the right amount at the right time. But the latest research suggests that you should not drink green tea on an empty stomach in the early morning. The caffeine contained in green tea can cause dehydration when drunk on an empty stomach. Also, drinking green tea on an empty stomach produces gastric acid, which can lead to many stomach problems, including ulcers. Avoid drinking green tea with meals.

Put green tea leaves or powder in a glass of water overnight. The next day you can drink this water occasionally. If you are using a green tea bag, be careful not to soak it in water for too long. Green tea can be drunk half an hour after a meal. Thus green tea can be drunk in the morning, evening or in between. Avoid drinking green tea excessively hot and cold. It is still best to drink green tea in moderate heat. When the water boils, it is advisable to add green tea leaves to the boiling water instead of chewing. When green tea is boiled after adding water, it loses its quality and taste.

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